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Put your trust in God; He is trustworthy. Repent of your sin and alliance with Satan and embrace the promise of God that He will send a Redeemer who will deliver you from sin and crush the head of your enemy.

Salvation also requires atonement. Moses here is presenting God as the One who is gracious and merciful, so Yahweh is added to Elohim.

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So here God acts in grace and mercy and compassion for the sinful and shameful couple. He made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them. This is new.

But Did God Really Perform the First Sacrifice?

They had no such thing as an evil thought, no such thing as a Because of lust and because of sin, people need to be clothed; they need to be covered. They felt shame for the first time. And here God reinforces that, verse 21, by making permanent garments out of hide, animal hide, and clothed them. This is the main point that I want you to see.

God also covers them spiritually in this symbolic gesture. The entire work of salvation is prefigured here. No, He covered them not with the wool taken from an animal, but with the skin of the animal, which means the animal had to God clothes the naked sinner, covering the sinner by the sacrifice of an innocent victim, providing atonement, satisfaction to His own required justice with a substitute. This introduces for the first time in Scripture the matter of atonement or covering of the sinner through the death of an innocent substitute.

This is the sovereign work of God. God chose the animal. God killed the animal. God took the skin of the animal and covered the sinners. This is the first death in the world--never been death before this. The first death is the death of an animal killed by God to cover sinners.

Genesis Chapter One - John MacArthur

My, what a beautiful picture of the Lord Jesus, who is the Lamb slain by God from before the foundation of the world, the Lamb slain by God from before the foundation of the world. This became the standard kind of offering that God required in chapter 4.

The First Sacrifice by Thomas Gifford (, Paperback) | eBay

You remember Cain and Abel came to give offerings to God. Abel, verse 2, was a keeper of flocks; Cain, a tiller of the ground. Cain brought an offering to the Lord of the fruit of the ground; Abel brought of the firstlings of his flock, animal sacrifice and their fat portions. And, of course, that goes on through the whole of the Old Testament. In Genesis chapter 8, you have Noah making a sacrifice like that, an animal sacrifice. In Exodus, chapter 20 and 22 and on through the book of Exodus, you have Moses making sacrifices.

If you want to stay back in the patriarchal period, Job chapter 1, verse 5; Job offered animal sacrifices.

China-based academic says Australia is naive to rely on US, after Morrison's comments on trade

Throughout the Pentateuch--Numbers, Leviticus, Deuteronomy--there are many, many prescriptions about the necessity of offering sacrifices, dead animals offered to God as a picture of the necessary death of an innocent substitute in the place of the guilty sinner. Particularly Isaiah and Ezekiel addressed the people of Israel as being unfaithful to offer sacrifices to Him. God also upbraided His people when they offered sacrifices that were heartless and without repentance, when it was meaningless, such as Isaiah chapter 1, and even in the book of Habakkuk, Malachi.

But the sacrificial system was to picture the necessity of a substitute to take the place of sinners, to be killed and to bear the wrath of God. And, of course, none of the sacrifices ever given in the past could do that; they just pictured the One that was to come, who was Christ.

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  6. The gospel is there embedded in that very statement that God will, listen to this, provide the sacrifice. God provides the sacrifice.

    The First Sacrifice at ICHU's Outdoor Terrace

    So the good news immediately after the Fall, immediately after the curse is the promise in verse 15, the promise of one who will come, who will crush the enemy and triumph over evil. And the response of Adam and Eve is faith. And the provision of God is atonement so that the sinner is covered and his shame is hidden. Now in the next verse there is a third element to salvation, and this is an equally critical element to salvation. Salvation requires faith on the part of the man or the woman; salvation requires atonement on the part of God; and thirdly, salvation requires security on the part of God, security on the part of God.

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    Obviously this whole thing is a grace operation. God made the promise; nobody forced Him to make it. God then makes the atonement, the model of atonement, an innocent death for the sake of covering sinners. This is the work of God. And this is so very, very important. The Lord God in a divine initiative acted graciously to cover Adam and Eve. But not in the sense that God knows good and evil, because God is good and there is no evil in Him.

    Man is evil predominantly, and only by the grace of God is there any good in him. That is true. They know it from the inside. God knows it from the outside. God knows it because He knows everything. Adam and Eve along with us know it from the inside because we experience it. They know evil because it drives them. They know evil because it is their constant experience.

    Well, I want you to notice this. Would that be bad? Why would it be bad? And he might stretch out his hand and take the tree of life and be evil forever. Why would he be prone to do that? Because he for the first time now understands what death means, because God has just killed an animal.

    And if they eat, they will live forever. That is not in the botany of the tree. But that is what God decreed. What is hell forever? It is the eternal life of a sinner, eternal sin. No hope for deliverance, no hope; and it would be no decay, no disease, no diminishing of human powers, just endless evil, endless evil.

    It causes weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth. Fire is never quenched; worm never dies. And they will live forever evil. And though the curse has come, the curse works much more slowly then. As you know, Adam lived to be over years old, over years, which meant that though there was decay, the decay was very slow. Which also means that Eden was still Eden, and it was still paradise. But to leave them in Eden, to leave them in that paradise where there was that tree of the fruit of life was to put them in a place where they could be tempted to something that would do them eternal harm.