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It sits on a main highway running from Turkistan and Shymkent in Kazakhstan through Tashkent and Samarkand in Uzbekistan. Tashkent has always been a major city in Central Asia. It started as an oasis city and was a main link between East and West on the great Silk Road, becoming on of the richest cities in Central Asia. Tashkent was especially favored because of it central location in what is now Uzbekistan and because of its mild dry climate, which also makes it a favorite for travelers today.

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One of the main goals of Tashkent Spring Law was to create a forum for Uzbek lawyers and the international legal community to discuss and exchange ideas in light of burgeoning opportunity within the jurisdiction. It was heartening to see arbitration practitioners in the front lines of many of these conversations as often times dispute resolution options and best practices are not considered until after a dispute emerges.

The natural question I am left with, as a foreign participant in the Forum, concerns the future of arbitration in Uzbekistan domestically, and in Central Asia regionally.

This alone creates great opportunity for international arbitration practitioners to watch. Uzbekistan has more than 40 BITs currently in force and is a party to several treaties with investment provisions. Uzbekistan is poised for a renaissance of economic development, reemerging as a strategic meeting point between both East and West — a ripe jurisdiction for international arbitration practitioners to watch with interest.

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Tashkent to Samarkand: Exploring the Silk Road

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Nearest airport: 8 kms from Tashkent Airport. The Hotel Dedeman Silk Road is perfect for who wants to travel by car.