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The sun and moon overlook waters while linked to heaven. Casting the reflection onto the innumerable. Here there was a marvellous birth. The Vinaya and secret teachings, Are consumed and assimilated with energy to spare. The sutras and commentaries are pulled into the chest and retained.

Thus Spoke, the Being Within

The Dharma taken in the four divisions. The Three Secrets practised.

Beija-me (Kiss me) Poesia Esotérica (Esoteric Poetry)

The national teachers across three generations. The masses rely on them. It rains and they stop the rain, right then and there. When the causes and conditions for teaching expire, one quietly retires to the true world. When the beams have collapsed, is that not bitter and painful? When the entryway to the tomb is sealed with pine and tea trees, 4 how many kalpas until it opens again?

Suddenly it opens and the jade within rings. The foggy mind fades with recitation. Transmitting the lamp is your fine goal. If the waters are soiled with defilements, 12 following the golden waves is not easy. Hosshin in Shingon thought is not an abstract truth transcending the mundane world. Rather all phenomena and thing-events of this cosmos, in their very transience, are each themselves embodiments of truth and the cosmos as a whole comprised of these impermanent and interdependent beings is eternally an embodiment of truth, the hosshin.

The cosmos as the manifestation of truth, the Dharma, was itself hence equated with the body of the personal Buddha Dainichi. And in turn, Dainichi with his cosmic body is then the embodied personification of the universal Buddha-nature inherent in all beings and the Dharma that is manifest everywhere. All varieties of bubbles blossom in the water. They arise and then they cease; never leaving water.

Not understanding this truth is most pitiful. Such cosmic alterations are categorized in three ways in terms of visible form e. Of these two forms of renunciation heart is important. Red flowers and green fruits are of the same trunk. You see that in spring and autumn their colours are the same. The principle of the world is impermanence; people are like this.

If mental cognition stops moving the Great Way is ascertained. A long river may extend ten thousand miles, but the waters all pass together. Although this may be so, where the body abides is like empty space. I served him as an attendant for years. Yet I have never seen him act without integrity. If one properly ascertains the meaning of his words, one is able to see into a rich world not unlike that of a mandala where everything takes on a highly symbolic meaning which points to a great liberating truth.

This will be explained in greater depth below. He had the unusual fortune of being able to intensively study and receive transmission from one of the highest of monks in the entire Tang Empire. This work, being written in his younger years, would reflect not only his literary abilities at the time, but also the knowledge and insight he had acquired over the previous year. In it we find a skilful use of rhyming as well as a sincere eulogy to his departed teacher. This will be described in detail below.

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These are words of praise that are without peer in ordinary Buddhist terms. He goes on to suggest that his teacher has assimilated and mastered the primary divisions of Buddhist doctrine with energy to spare, as if he had no limits and had an unlimited reservoir of stamina.

Hermeticism (poetry) - Wikipedia

He also makes a reference to the mystical abilities of starting and stopping rain which were often associated with esoteric masters. However, all good things come to an end and when the conditions expired for this great master to walk this earth he passed away and woe to those who are now no longer so readily able to be taught by such an excellent being.

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When the grave has been sealed how many more years, or lifetimes or kalpas, might one have to wait before encountering such a perfect master again? This no doubt amplifies the importance of having the foot of an accomplished to sit at and receive teachings and empowerments from. Indeed, for being able to receive such intensive training he was quite grateful and this eulogy conveys his emotions in exquisite poetry with subtle allusions to the esoteric.

The result is poetry rich in classical references and skillfully tailored to produce an intriguing thought provoking work. These references also present a challenge to the translator attempting to convey the same meaning in a modern western language while creating a comprehensible translation.


The first two lines of the poem reflect the last two. As one might clearly see the beginning foreshadows the end. Hence, he is obliged to leave his lofty peaks reluctantly because of his vow to save the fools down below and hence the reason for the descent from much loved, presumably spiritual, heights. One might even sense a feeling of humility in that he is reluctantly descending in accordance not only with his vows, but because he wishes to emulate and follow his companion to whom he has written this poem.

The esoteric or mystical poet can also compose spontaneously, using the first or last line or both, as they appear in his consciousness, verbally working through the medium of speech, until he is fairly satisfied with a full draft of the work, some five or ten minutes later. All esoteric poets can do this. Such is the spontaneous capacity of the esoteric poets. These great souls, like Rumi, Hafiz, Sri Chinmoy, Meera Mirabai and others, easily paint sublime or lofty pictures of the human Spirit, reaching a profundity of expression, which is not easily understood in their life time.

Again, more and indeed volumes can be gained in future readings of the same lines. Let us look at this piece from the Swami Vivekananda:. The following poem was composed yesterday. It points man to the fact that change comes from within … that whatever we do, think or say, offers a vibration to the world, and so we need to be responsible … that outer peace is dependent on the inner reality of the Self within, the Interior Castle, where Peace abides.

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I never knew it was a poem. Hello Manatita. To answer you.. Efforts like these don't go to waste. Your esoteric poems have certainly given good impressions and encourages support for this genre and the messages they send. Thanks for sharing. That is the secret. We do not think Love, but it flows, like service The way of the Heart.

You have children. Their Faith in you is dependent on their Love for you. As we approach Mother's Day, continue to believe in your efforts How much more Love will the Saviour have for those who sacrifice for His glory!